Thy word is truth

The Lord our God is one Lord
You are holy and for your holy name do you do all things
The earth is full of your goodness and mercy
For thy word is truth

May your words resonate within our hearts and our minds
May your wisdom and understanding increase in your children as our righteousness exceeds the doctrines of men
May the fruits of joy, healing and peace be established over our lives according to your divine will
For thy word is truth

I am broken before you but you impute perfection onto this imperfect vessel
Your righteousness overwhelms my sinful nature as you cover me and make me the righteousness of God
As I live a life of repentance and you are faithful and just to forgive
For thy word is truth

When anxiety may arise and the walls close in, may I take all things to you in prayer with thanksgiving
In the face of unbelief, your word has declared I will never be ashamed
As the spirit that began this work continues on by the grace of the author and finisher of our faith
For thy word is truth

Teach us how to love and how to forgive
Give us the mind of Christ that it may guide the way that we live
Strengthen your remnant to continue in the labour so that we may all rejoice together
For you have declared that we are conquerors
And thy word is truth

Blessed be the Lord our God forever
In the name of Jesus Christ Yehoshua HaMaschiach we pray

Thy word is truth